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tv   Entertainment Commission 91515  SFGTV  September 25, 2015 6:00am-7:36am PDT

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>> housekeeping items one it is to first if you could turn off your cell phones or put them on vibrate and second a spectator or speaker and wants to make a
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public comment on any items oils on the agenda we have speaker cards if you want to hand it to the staff and finally thank you to sfgovtv and media services for producing this and airing that live to the public arrest roll call. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner vice president joseph commissioner moshoyannis commissioner caminong commissioner president tan for the record commissioner perez is absent this evening. >> all right. we have quorum the first item on the skwaupd is public comment any business-related to the taevengs it you didn't currently agendize any public comment? all right. seeing none, public
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comment is closed the approval of the minutes of august 15, 2015, i don't know if so this in everybody's packet i think you wrote mia megabit that can i get a motion it continue >> motion to continue stepson there is a motion and a second any public comment seeing none, let's take a vote. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner vice president joseph commissioner moshoyannis commissioner caminong commissioner president tan the motion passes those are moved to the text negro and item 3 a director's report take it away as you may know we've been working on implementing the cheaper one 16 night life protection we had a meeting at 3
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we'll hear some go about that when the item comes up on the report for the social development review committee as i mentioned for the whole commission we've been working i think successfully with the planning department to finally get the notice pushed out to the project in the pipeline so i'm hovp hopeful that the hundred projects will be noticed for the legislation requirements in 4 banishes of two weeks in between each hopefully in the next two weeks everyone will get notice and they will either communicate with the staff and or go to that we've got the lapsing hammered out as i said we've
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heard the first two projects it is happening which is cool and the board came back from recess last tuesday and at this point they finally approved the amendment to the llp legislation in western selma that's waiting for a signature at the mayor's office we can currently at this point get those folks both the office and get those posted about 4 pent-up venues waiting for llp applications to move forward so i'm happy to report that is finally moved move forward and we spent some time and the guys will tell you about the concert at at&t park and give you feedback that was a lot of work in the parks so also there are questions i'm
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going to turn it over to any colleague. >> thank you, dr. cain and good evening, commissioners director and dr. not yet director. >> a few outdoor requirements that were inspected this past weekend as kickoff at city hall we had an event on fedex hotel and one that in the mission for block party all 3 went off without my complaints coming to our officers the noise event was audioable and no complaints generated we did another event this is maybe the third or fourth with met cosmetics and at the last
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meeting this system was pared down from previous systems what actually placed on the ground and did an extensive sound check with them activating the space to make sure that the impact to that general area was minimal and not received complaints? >> for that event and under billy joel at at&t park there was an investigation i was able to take ambient measurement in dog patch and inside the stadium director cain was a meeting tomorrow to present what we found and try to get more dlarm able to hire folks to run a hotline and take more measurements we want to compare our finding with there too
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pretty important things to not for the permit on saturday the sound coming from one within the stadium if start at the time on the permit we issued to them and the event went later than stated on the permit i'll be happy to answer any questions about that event >> can you tell me what time the event end and it was 710 i'm sorry 1110. >> the permit was until 11. >> yes. >> was any citations issued. >> we were speaking with director cain after tomorrow's meeting be issuing a notice of
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violation. >> commissioners questions or comments all right. thank you >> thank you. >> good evening, commissioners i have a long list but i'll keep the short i want to touch on relevant things i did things that are articulate arbitrarily picked up we received a complaint from the bar sergeant mathis made contact with the bar to lemon them know to keep quiet and in a followup i talked to the complainant with a followup i didn't preserve a violation and how much or hopefully, the situation will stay solved the inclines is t f-319 clemente i was other on an inspection and
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find out that they do live performance stuff regularly part of the operation to they don't have a permit out of inclines we'll follow-up and hopefully bring them into compliance i did 3 sound checks at the price club and nothing extra to report just menu detain report a couple of inspections to mention that were minor violations permit not there at golden state permits the copies were issued i'll make sure the they're posted feel free to ask me if not - >> this isn't on your list here but the common wealth club
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the common wealth the university club. >> the university club. >> has any news about where they're at. >> at the universities club? >> do you have one. >> oh, the city club the city club sorry it is actually issued that the director is dealing with them i think she's deal with their lawyer now. >> could we get an update anything. >> the only update i reached but out and got an extensive rely back had a conversation about our city attorney and relied back to his inquiry and waiting inform an additional response. >> pending the united states all pending. >> questions for inspector
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pauley no nun great this evening any public comment on our staff report? >> not seeing any, so public comment is closed. we'll move on to item number 5. >> - had the police department questions or comments are there any general police department questions or comments i don't think so all right. moving along item 5 which is our permit application and i am sorry. >> we'll take things out of order and do our 3 loudspeaker permits first. so we have those 3 loudspeaker permits from swiss their a typical their couple of in the next two weeks here basically, they don't fit within the
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process because the location of where they'll be they'll be in a park let for all the permits is 7:30 montgomery street it is swiss max we don't say a policy regarding issuing the loudspeaker permits in park let we're seeking our help this evening for possible condition from the commission for moving forward with the permitting of events like this we've asked maryellen johnson to join and robin here from the planning department and we're hoping they help to shed this some light how to move forward so robin can you actually come up first >> thank you deputy director i'm robin the park let program manager of the san francisco planning department i'm here to
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provide background on the project and answers any questions the commission might have and offer inside and experience that the planning department has had in managing a portfolio for the city parks before maryellen comes up to talk about the program their seeing permits prosecute the taefksz i thought i'd like let you know that swiss is a fantastic partner and a great institution for parklets to work with they're a nonprofit their mission to bring culture performance events other learning opportunities to communities paichlt has so you get a partner like swiss max to partner in order to bring an organization institutions culture program into the public realm we know this is not the fit folks want
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to use the parklets we recognize this is a typical at the same time it is really emblematic and representative of what our streets and public spaces could do to bring this to san franciscans i welcome any questions from the commission and really hope we're able to describe a pathways that might provide a blue prinlt for in public space activation in other parts of city. >> why not just hold off i think we might have some questions initially for the gentleman. >> i'm not clear could you tell me if a park let is front of the of the business is that business responsible. >> ; correct the sponsor a commercial or enterprise in this
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case it is a nonprofit that stuttering is responsible for the capital and also take out liability and required by the public works as a permit at the to hold a million dollars insurance liability naming the city as an additional insured they're responsible for maintenance at the same time - >> commissioner. >> i didn't mean to cut you off. >> we have strict operating guidelines for parklets thaer those are hundred percent parking spaces the city in look at those for public space and realize that parklets can be a bit unclear about that so it is part of you know objective my role to clarify the operation around the parklets.
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>> who makes the decision what kind of entertainment in the parks is it the business that is responsible for it or a committee that programs the park lightwells elites how does that work. >> that's an excellent question if they steady thresholds at certain events they seek to do there is amplified sound is it brings to us to the commission we have oscars with their guitars but they try to stay pretty tentative to what is happening in the parklets sometimes a lack of clarity or clarity and we don't want to work against that those spaces are public. >> so if i have a guitar i can walk up and play my guitar you're asking for permits so my question is who is making the
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decision about what - if so it is is not someone walking with a guitar can sometime program a parklets to i mean obviously if they want a loudspeaker permit they have an idea to do something; right? >> that's right ♪ 3 that case we issue the loudspeaker >> i'm not being clear let me try it who is making the decision what entertainment is in the park. >> i believe this is this committee. >> the question is if i was joe smoe and i wanted to perform in a park let do you go to the planning department or swiss next or the owner or let the
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steward. >> i think first and foremost you'll approach the steward to make sure that is access to everybody nobody is excluded or circled out. >> so the steward can say george who can perform as to the sound. >> striking speaking they can't do that. >> i guess my question is who is applying for the permit is that the musician, the steward or you guys well in this particular case the steward. >> they're making the station what is going to gone in the park. >> right. >> they're proposing activities took place in the park let you think they're to the commission - their succumbing to the commission for permission as i understand working with the staffers concerns.
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>> maybe i take it out of turn it brought up the definition those are the stewards we know those are the people that maintain it and have the liability they want to activate it but i have robin what happens in someone else comes to me noted swiss next i don't know who the steward are for how many parklets. >> 60 >> i don't want to know obviously it seems to me it is a little bit of a question mark it is a public space and someone else wants to activate it and ask the steward. >> there's a great open question about process you know we've been on the staff level for the portfolio to all
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strerldz a stakeholders are informed but their question commissioner vice president joseph not a set protocol or criteria and it is something that the commission and the planning department and public works should work together to fourth we get a lot of questions in sort of informal requests to begin cpr parklets for more information. >> this is an interesting question i would hate to formalize a policy today around it we're obviously going to use this as an example to try to create or use a policy because i think in my conversation with director cain band do we treat this like a street or park how there are questions i was looking at into
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more deeply and come back and decide something together but i'm going to call on a couple of more people there are more voices on the commission. >> commissioner moshoyannis. >> is the park let part of the street will mta have a role in that at all which agencies if any have jurisdiction in that matter. >> that's an excellent question so it is still considered formally part of the street to legally we're occupying a piece of street or park let you say we the park let occupies a piece of the street and the department of public works issues a permit for that occupancy to legally happen okay. >> so they should would be part of the conversation at some level. >> absolutely over the last 5 years of running the program
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we've worked closely with the department of public works. >> i think for me, i mean the devil is in the details there is obviously sidewalk between the business and is park let usually where people are transfersing and foot traffic usually trying to cut though how do we manage that makes sure there is assess both was and people are not tripping over each year and e each other and it is a hot mess and problem so i remember when you close down a street make sure there is a path of travel and people can get through someone is in a wheelchair it raise all kinds of issues that will be a complex issue as we explore is further. >> who is responsible if they're in compliance who do we get know they're in inclines you
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know if it is a freedom of speech it is one thing a political campaign when people come to us with street fairs or you can those kinds of events an organization we know who do go to for the loudspeaker permits if people have a venue they want to activate their patios with speakers we know who to go to this could be anybody. >> right today is permits we have a project sponsor so we know who to call if there is something not going right. i think for the conversation had requires more thinking commissioner lee and commissioner frost. >> so my question is say the park let goes out of control or the sponsor doesn't maintain it properly what steps is the
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planning commission your excision rerevokes the permit if they don't handle it properly. >> the permit revolver indication is a consequence if we have a steward not meeting their stewardship obligations or seeing issues that parklets and private dining for example one example we admonishment if we find a restaurant it is your has correspond off their park let the revocation is a consequence that's the last resort we try with the planning department and the department of public works issuing the permits works with the project sponsor most often 99 percent of the time the issues are smaller hey, you don't sweep enough and the upstairs neighbors are exclaiming. >> your really to trying to be responsible to take care of the
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parklets same it is a weird thing a public space if someone wants to swat there how do you - evoking their rights what happens to the park let if we tend not to maintain it properly it goes back to a parking. >> that's absolutely one consequence and with an we've seen a couple of times when we have a park let that hadn't been stewarded or in the upper hates the steward left town and had this orphaned organization none was wanting to do you want paichlt is interested in monitoring how projects all the time. >> okay.
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>> commissioner frost. >> yeah. just think we're opened a can of worms to talking about giving a permit to a public place for a loudspeaker for on imposing groups want tool take this over what happens to the permit this is down the road but on this one we're one the occupancies estimate was 50 people i don't think i've seen a park let that holds 50 people i don't know where the people will go and supervisor demerit brought up who is going to control that so again, we do need to discuss this you know later on to come up with the perimeters on this but for those 3 we'll dealing need to talk
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about to the applicant. >> may i have respond to some of the questions about clearance and the project sponsor is prepared a site plan. >> you have it. >> it is in the packet. >> so the public can see it is not projected. >> because this is an a inadequately proposal something new you know somethings that came up for the entertainment commission to maintain a clear path of travel for wheelchair users or general passersby we responded recommended to the project sponsor to guarantees the 6 foot clear a path of travel which the
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san francisco regulation is for so that at no time during the liquid speaker events are there people or if there are audio equipment or anything encroaching on the of foot right-of-way and something that might be important to note the commissioner referred to an application an estimated attendance of up to 50 people we're not imagining those people will physically be in the project my understanding and the park let will be what they project imagery or a lecture like a two minute moving on the park let screen you might if you have a guest speaker or musical performer they'll sit on the
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sidewalks and in the storefront observing the form is a the musician is physically inside the park let that's what we're looking at here and again, we do need to talk about in future conversations what perimeters the commission and public works and planning feel comfortable with in terms of operating the perimeters for these kinds of events and activities and commissioner vice president joseph. >> yeah. i have a couple of questions occupancy load is people all at once the occupancy load is 2525 is the maximum if one leaves one can go in 50 doesn't make sense that is why commissioner frost mentioned
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that to your dining room diagram is this park let 6 feet deep and what is the dimensions i'm not sure clear. >> this is a note for the project sponsor to maybe bring is prepared dimension plan the blue box prepared by swiss next. >> oh, i see. >> that's the part sitting in the parking lane this is about 7 feet deep the width of a parked car. >> what is the yellow part that says rejection park let what is a that a screen beyond the pacific ocean park let what are very projecting. >> it is a mraurm that sits in the parking lane and then the far sort of wall or edge of it is a tall frame that during events like this we can clip a
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fabric projection screen. >> so the frame is within the park let. >> absolutely. >> okay. and the speakers are outside the park let. >> i'm actually not. >> according to this picture from the blue space it the park let. >> the speaker monitors i believe that's what is proposed. >> okay 83 and then the people will be in chairs and seats on the sidewalk? >> correct. >> so do they have the dpw occupancy permit for this. >> i did not know this may be a good time to bring up the project sponsor to answer questions together. >> please come on up. >> hello commissioner. >> hi. >> can you state your name and if you want to say anything before we start.
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>> i'll say a few things i'm maryellen johnson ahead of the project for swiss next it is legally an annexation of the consul general of switzerland we have an educational mission we've been in san francisco for 12 years for the bay area institutions the purpose of building our park let was to bring a bigger and broader audience by producing events for the public and working with local parishes to do events on the street we've worked closely with robin and his team in achieve this next step for a park he let in an event place an collaborative design with the university in switzerland local gail architect
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and the berkley those are open to the public we wish to have not closed off the space will not be closed off in my way anyone can walk up and checkout and enter the park let and take a seat if they want to do that we - our plan to maintain a 6 foot walk path by having swiss next monitor and clear and make sure that people walk along and this free open paths and not around it don't enter the streets in any way and stay safe and feel free to cross over during the event. >> we did have an events on
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august 27th it was very successful and safe we had approximately 25 people that showed up for this event i have to say that it is not necessarily a capture audience that a stays for the whole thing because people walk by and listen for 5 minutes and there were people who stated there and sat there for more than a half an hour the programs we're proposing are approximately an hourlong we didn't have any sort of disruption are problems not that i'm aware of with the public or with people not being able to have - what we're proposing are 3 different events on september 16th tomorrow we have having an event called story hour where we're inviting 7 different people to come and tell you a story in 8 minutes
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and it is around the subject of tactical urbanism that talk starts at 7:00 p.m. and ends at 8:30 on september 18th the event we're proposing is with future city's lab organizations in singing pour with the institute for the future in 90s and includes video and has audio with ambient this is predominantly happening inside the swiss next space on september 23rd we have an event with the san francisco urban film festival to screen an hour's worth of subject urbanism and for the the application for
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amplification in all those cases is just to make it or in the surrounding area because of the traffic we request amplification so people standing within a couple of feet can hear what is happening on the park let. >> do you have a permit to occupy the situation sidewalks that's the question according to the diagram there are seat for people located on the sidewalks. >> we do not have a permit the seats i've drawn out are seats that sits inside of our park let our park let structure has drawers with accuses i have a short video i can play. >> no, no it is the blue is your park let what's the seat here. >> those are cue chairs that are one foot by 2 feet.
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>> not within our park let. >> no, we can pull them out their removeable. >> they're on the sidewalks you need an occupancy from to the do this this is not a permit we can give into you. >> we don't have to use those seats and people can stand. >> so here's my last question i promise if this is, in fact, our park let and this is where your speakers are going to be the humans speaking speaking and the actual amplification speakers on the sidewalk outside of the park let your audience is outside of the park let the bulk of your event is not within our park let only your entertainment or speakers people who are speaking
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are within the park let. >> correct. >> but the audience everyone else is not in the park let. >> correct. >> okay thank you. >> commissioner lee. >> if they don't sit down they're standing up watching this program are they in violation. >> no. >> they're not in violation. >> you like it answer. >> yes. >> okay. >> it's the furniture that is it in violation. >> the furniture is in violation but the humans are not. >> how deep is the sidewalk if from our front door to the park let. >> can't be - and i'm sorry not to scale the drawings but the space from our droo door from the building s 66 inches to
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where the 6 feet walkway that i've determined i'm sorry i'm not calculation of it is about. >> so the total says that a 11 feet. >> right. >> it is 11 feet. >> we have an exceptionally wide sidewalk here on karen in excess of 10 feet it is 11 and a half thank you. >> just a couple of other questions are you using extensions or rope to cordon off people so if there is a walkway your staff will be there. >> to have staff members you know push manage people will i having them stand behind a line for a clear 6 foot path my idea to have a staff member on either
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side to insure that path is clear and not use extensions right. >> got it i love the idea of in general trying to activate the parklets the next phase of how parklets can be used and not a space for people to sit and have a cup of coffee but i'm occurs outside of wanting to activate the space were you limited in terms of programming the space within the building or office or how did this come about. >> this came about we worked with the university called e t h where they spend a lot of time thinking about activating public space and how public space is used it is sort of an academic of research approach what could we do in our city to expand
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space so was an academic exercise in some was that's why we worked with the berkley and university of switzerland to be a park let and be capacity we have an event space that worked fine we have good you'd it was not perfect to fix the problem but we do a lot of different programs and art and science and technology programs and this was a project we wish to pursue. >> that's helpful to know the background and another question we ask our applicant about neighbors and residents that are nearby they're the ones saying it is 9 o'clock i want to go to bed can you tell us about your outreach and the neighbors that
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are there and our outreach. >> part of applying for a park let there's a application procedure to get signatures from the neighbors this is something they wanton is a good idea to pursue. >> which is if there recently more questions robin can maybe talk about that process but prominently around our space is restaurants there's office space there's the church of sciencetology it is not a residential area that's what i assumed. >> do they know you want to amplify the sound rather than having the park let. >> i've not talked with the neighbors about that. >> commissioner caminong do you have a question. >> that's exactly my question
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i'm surprised did event are two this week and one next week and your neighbors are not been notified those sidewalks will had been notified and may i ask a procedural question it is a matter of course for the l l t is there i'm personally familiar and if not is this something we want to institutionalize as part of. >> with the limited live performance. >> sorry the loudspeaker preliminaries yeah. >> there is not a requirement this is is a concern we have various permits for this particular one there isn't but the first people we hear from when something goes wrong. >> the commission for at least the upcoming events having the
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recommendations for how the pardon might for the purpose follow through and did experiments or demonstrate some kinds of noticing i don't want to speak first but maybe a condition the commission want to place on the issuance it is worthy worthwhile. >> i object to talk with the neighbors and get their approval. >> great i think we would like to move this along so let's wrap up the comments and open up for public comment and try a formulate a way to handle this. >> commissioner frost. >> you talked about 66 inches from the building line to where you would start our of feet when we talk about that is that all city property or part of that their property in a code. >> this is all sidewalk.
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>> all walk from that building okay. thank you. >> all right. any final commissioner thoughts if if not i'll open up to the police or the public any public comment on this item? no all right. >> commissioners anyone like to make a motion regarding this and apply any particular conditions and like to legislation late. >> all of the. >> all at once if that is what we like. >> i'd like to make a motion to approve all 3 permits with the condition you innovative your neighbors of the schedule and such as a giving this is
6:46 am
tomorrow and you know at least the neighbors that are on your bloke maybe in proximity that are impacted let them know the dates and hours and the general program that will be helpful. >> to approve the 3 with the condition they innovate their neighbors of the schedule of programming. >> right. >> okay. >> is there a second. >> i second with a friendly edition. >> let's see if it is friendly. >> abide but the other developments rules no seats if you don't have a permit they can stand up we're not saying they can sit down so - >> okay. thank you. >> okay all right. yeah. sure all
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right. on that motion let's take a vote. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner vice president joseph commissioner moshoyannis commissioner caminong that means it is approved and thank you, sir for coming today, we're interested in trying to figure out that and seeing what kind of path to take that is clear for people either our staff or some commissioners mr. will follow-up. >> let us know how it goes. >> yes. it is a gin i didn't pig in this adventure we have. >> thank you, commissioners. >> all right. i wanted to make a comment to staff do you have a plan what you're going to do about the park let and how we get those questions and answer
6:48 am
and that's exactly why we did this evening to an stent and the applicant did one and, in fact, we approved a.m. if i did sound permit i frankly did not know i approved a park let she applied for 3 more in section i got flagged that's why ribbon and i have been discussing it will be helpful you as a commission wanted to indicate when you would like to consider a flushed out maybe policy then we can have a conversation as always this is work in progress and authors a lot of parklets we want them in the past i have really on my own said no.
6:49 am
there's not stages in nickel and dimed i'm not accident policymaker i brought it to you instead. >> thanks so i think when we get to that item we'll talk about a subcommittee or whatever the steps let's move on to the other items starting with the consent agenda. >> on our consent agenda two items a limited live performance operation for tenderloin museum this was at 398 eddy street and a limited live performance for old school cafe on 1429 malcolm heinicke dell no opposition from the department or the community from either of those that's why they're on the agenda. >> just to remind the folks no separate discussion until people want to separate amongst the people or commission my interest
6:50 am
in separating in not we'll do a roll call vote. >> all right. >> same house, same call? yep. >> yep. >> all right. those pass the museum and old school cafeteria move on to the regular agenda starting with the role. >> yep so first off before we get into the regular agenda i want to ask for a motion to remove the midway for the owners request additional it to be continued to the next hearing date and the planning department is working on the environmental review progress. >> i move to continue the midway to the call of the chair. >> i second. >> all right. same house, same call? >> yeah. >> i'm going to abstain. >> no abstention. >> commissioner frost
6:51 am
commissioner lee commissioner vice president joseph commissioner moshoyannis abstain arrest commissioner caminong and commissioner president tan all right. great. >> that is continued so moving on to on our regular agenda two fixed placed applications the first is for a place of entertainment for the - located on 19th street the counselor is new and they'll have a restaurant there they'll have private areas confusing a rooftop terrace it will be prominently for weddings and nonprofit functions and corp events the dog patch neighborhood association and the hoa provided letters of support for the project the baby station has no ocean and recommend the galileo and noted that no extended hours should be granted here as well just ending sorry
6:52 am
about that 0 the monthly calendar or to the station the owner on mendelsohn. >> good evening, commissioners i've never done this before. >> aim adam the managing partner? my partner and the project was born about 4 years ago when i was in the renewable energy work and worked in the solar development i decided. >> could you move the microphone to the front of our mouth that's perfect. >> i don't know how much you caught the idea was born 4 years ago when i was in the solar energy industry i wanted to move into the food world bans what my
6:53 am
friend was doing in portland how to find the space that marries from nonprofit activities and the best in class for what we can do for an event space and have an restaurant as part of the project we've spent a lot of time looking for space and in the dog patch so it was perfect with an industrial warehouses building and worked with an incredible team to develop that space and partnered with the math maybe you're familiar with and partnered are a group called stoplight and as the project developed we've got more people involved and we're proud of what we're doing so that's the project from a fair level.
6:54 am
>> commissioners questions commissioner vice president joseph. >> you say i partnered are got light you hired them are they're a privilege. >> neither their as exclusive provider in the project. >> they're an investor. >> they've provided the services for the space. >> what kind of events do you envision. >> we want to run the game bet on saturday of wedding and rooftop views and hope to have summers on the roof because of the got light infrastructure we want to have theoretical production and teamed up with a gentleman who is an incredible artist have a focused space design into the space to reflect a lot of the history of 370 so
6:55 am
some of the facade and the edging of the crane we want to activate this into the artist events and nonprofit events some corp events and associate as well. >> okay. so you going to do sound on our roof if you have wedding. >> no permanent sound on the roof if there is a wedding summer to have sound if there's a cocktail hour to have acoustical you know guitar but the party will be coming inside of the building. >> how much experience sir, do you have. >> i have little but my partner last many years and including ellen i don't want to embellish
6:56 am
but over 10 years and she's on our team. >> okay. your partner is going to come forward from oregon and be here and that one doesn't work so - >> i'll introduce myself quickly i take it curiosity i have a group of restaurants in portland under the name of chiefs table we partner with chiefs as the name suggests. >> partner with artisans a barker a winery our business mold o model is unusual every project is the chiefs our chiefs with parolee paid and don't have money we put-down them into equality position and that's the same with the barker and the winemaker and developed the business so 18 location in portland our intention and adam
6:57 am
convinced me this is our intention to come forward to san francisco and have a similar i don't know what you custodial call that a bulk head or start something similar so a lot of the ideas for this space whether a rooftop garden that is going to fortune the restaurant up to a quarter of the our product all the ideas will take into inspiration. >> very cool i have two questions one i'm understand the restaurant will be open to the public are you going to do public events or just speak to special events do you have any idea. >> to be honest no idea there are a number of events outreaching i'm excited for in
6:58 am
the community of dog patch but you know there is sort of the took truck tuesday you bring folks in so the way we can activate that space not using used for private a real opportunity to go public that's in my i my dream arrest the last question you were talking about the view of pier 70 what are you going to do when we build the construction how much of a view then this is just my on personal curiosity. >> it is sad at the end of the day our view is quite good but will go away eventually building that will dwarf us you get a good sense of the trolley car blow we hope that the environmental process takes not
6:59 am
longer hopefully. >> all right. thank you. >> commissioner lee. >> so i'm looking at the floor plan and wedding you know tend to have top 40 groups and dancing we've had things in the dog patch have you down soundproofing. >> i owned a brewery a france and ran it for 10 years we've had extensive work with soundproofing and i can say with a great deal of assurance we're at a platinum grade level of soundproofing between the two spaces this is a primary concern as an operator sounds transfers between two space you can't run
7:00 am
a nice restaurant and have top 40 music as a concept we've had within the space do a great deal of work managing that the amount of money on the windows that are sound-proofed is thrilled and with the layout of the space sometimes when you on the ambition binge doors this is when noise escaped we have an exit corridor core for the staff a stated door so when people leave there is no sound escaping. >> sounds good. >> can you talk about our sound system are djs coming in with their own sound equipment or a built in system. >> a limited built in system and depending on the kind of
7:01 am
event got light will be bringing that in this is different from the systems we've done an event space in portland and there a big sound system but here we do not. >> one more. >> how close is the near itself complex from our space. >> agreement complex. >> yes. >> across the street or 19th street. >> and we did go through a presentation with that in about a month and a half ago. >> that context so we've been in constant communication about what what we are doing we have a good relationship. >> there's a letter of support in there from the hoa and you know we obviously coming back can mows is a different aspect the neighbors supported that for
7:02 am
a while. >> this is not close. >> commissioner lee i won't be offended but dog patch their sensitive. >> because we had to do the site plan and permit process we respect through the unification presented to the hoa and get letters of support and with the association we've really try to go above and beyond. >> sounds good. >> great didn't seem like there's more questions have a seat we'll ask the police to come up. >> okay. thank you. >> good evening officers o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? from bay area police station i met with the applicant probably over a month ago it's been a while and looked at the space and all the construction but the
7:03 am
idea seems great we're excited that bay area station to see what the outcome a new nice restaurant always good to have nice food in the bay area we're excited and all for it obviously as maggie said no extended hours we're fine. >> okay. great. >> thanks. >> any questions for officer ramos? >> no all right. thank you very much open up for public comment any public comment on the pearl? >> hand that in go ahead and state your name you have 2 minutes. >> i'm chris curiosities us one of the founding partners at gallery in san francisco i'm also in full disclosure a
7:04 am
minority very, very small owner in this entity i met adams through mutual friends ask commissioner vice president joseph you recall 12 years ago i opted a restaurant had little experience and look at it how this has turned out but adams and i taken in this guy e guy is incredible focused i've been in the business for 12 years and seen a lot of operators some good and some questionable i've come across few individuals that has put this much energy and focus this much sure money but pure thinking the suspects
7:05 am
he's reached out to talk to folks that are experts and very repetitive pulled in a lot of great people and a stellar team an amazing project i look forward to seeing it play out thank you. >> thank you any is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners happy to entertain a motion. >> i move to approve this permit. >> i second. >> all right. there's a motion and second my further discussion. >> on the motion to approve the president of the united states for the pearl with conditions. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner vice president joseph commissioner president tan commissioner moshoyannis commissioner caminong. >> all right. the that item
7:06 am
passes unanimously good luck we'll checked out that view we'll move on to 5 e sam. >> i'm going to recuse myself for this, please. >> so our next application for an extended hours for sam barky located on place street a place of chinatown this was built after the 1906 san francisco earthquake and originally located on washington street after green closed for the past few years sam is back in a new location and once again have a night time eatery there are letters in the - from the community and ac/dc their director norman fong she approved the extended hour
7:07 am
permit and remedies the applicant do the following they hire security for the extended hours and the permit will be utilized as well as install security cameras and keep for this for a minimum of two weeks here to talk about sam low is stephano the owner david. >> good evening, commissioners i'm stephano the consultant to the sam with a request for extended hours and jewel was 9-year-old and put if a good 20 years a ascended veteran the general manager and lovely son-in-law two years old i think it is up to him to be the cook and david hoe this is there for thirty years
7:08 am
sam low is a truly legacy in san francisco dating back to 1906 and was located on 813 washington street they have to close three years ago we were seasoned everyone has a sam low story and everyone probably meet the famous raider the thing here was people started asking in the community can can we doing we have to do something about so community leaders bake referred and others we started talking and people starting to alone and want to get involved so a team of investors point out together mostly just to dinger let's get
7:09 am
sam open and we'll have great memories and time to let this continue for others we wants to bring it back in its way we're limit with a restaurant we'll ask for beer and wine with the planning department in the near future and have extended hours it was known for that for a look at we got tremendous media support as you can see lost of that coasted people want to know we're going to open at 713 play street the are form anna's barky it is right adjacent portsmouth square at in-law unit e night time in the old days china had 6 theatres right now night time in chinatown is dismal we're hoping
7:10 am
this tiny 49 street you know noodle house bakery restaurant will you know continue for everyone we saw the police departments recommendations and there's only a couple obviously the 14 day surveillance cameras by all means we'll ask that we would like to do sunday through thursday have guard cards for the staff members that are previously trained to main that sunday through thursday, we'll handle that internally and run the house friday and saturdays generally there is more traffic you know in the area efrlgs every single everything else after hours people might try to get if this is nice to have professional
7:11 am
security and maintain the order and everything we want to accept the conditions but ask if we could have professional security on friday and saturday nights and let us do the internal staff sunday through thursday and from the capability is utilized and a lot of demand by all means we'll probably you know request more professional security so that's kind of i'll leave it at that. >> commissioner vice president joseph. >> my first question will we be able to berry to the kitchen. >> everybody goes to the front door. >> the original stair. >> you know we got to do it the right way. >> i'm joking. >> people remember the b y o b it straurd. >> i estimated into it it and
7:12 am
walked though the kitchen which was to mia bizarre and met east sale what a trip (laughter) it kept me coming back so exactly the question is really a joke my only thing to say my comment on the security if you have your staff trapped with guard cards you then become a security guard company and have to get a license from the state of california so this commission doesn't say who should use the school district you have to have a proper security plan telling us if you try to get guard card and operate without having the restaurant apply to those security companies the state of california will come and get you
7:13 am
don't do that it is not worth it is my only comment on that. >> other comments commissioner i'm very thrilled you guys radio back i was waiting in like that i think two hours the last day of openly they're going to close they're to close not in the same spot it had a great actuate with the dump waterer but supporting family businesses we want to support many this commission in relations to the security we've had mixed ways of dealing with securities that are for anotherries the police generally ask of that we've always said is hey, is this necessary a subway in the richmond they said security at night time or
7:14 am
extended hours we said that is not necessary whereas an broadway you know there is pete'sries we said hey have them so i'm in favor of may not not having is it everyday of the week but we feel it is necessary to have friday and saturday nights but i think this is a standard thing for the police police it ask and you're right is this reasonable and going to impede on the general operations and profits of businesses so for the commissioners to consider that. >> any thoughts are more questions for those guys commissioner frost. >> i agree with your statement with regards to the police we're serious about this may be they've - when we talk about this we talk about friday and
7:15 am
saturday nights but but saturday and sunday morning during those extra hours we're talking about i think maybe to add a thursday or sunday i don't know how thursday and friday or sunday night monday morning i don't know how busy those nights are for this type of business but give them one more night and they can could be and get it adjusted in the future. >> you know police say not here to speak to this is there a record of calls with had you ran our older location incidents that came about at night and called the police there's something going on ouch can you go to the microphone. >> there were instances we
7:16 am
called the police but most of the time we managed it and we knew when it was appropriate to call the police and when to step in between. >> what kind of incidents. >> usually fight people come in intoxicated and we have to break them up or not safe to side or do so we'll call the police but rarely did it happened we were able to prepare for it so it has not been a real issue in the past but. >> given a month or in a given year how many times would that occur. >> twice a year. >> twice a year. >> i think right now they're trained by james from al could we'll probably not let someone enter the restaurants we have
7:17 am
the right to refuse service nelson mandela's we don't want to jeopardy the safety of people whether they work are patrons we'll do a thorough job if there is better train opportune at this point. >> all right. any other thoughts no. >> oh. >> your mike's is not working. >> so, yeah so i think i was introduced to the restaurant to my family i've been going there my whole life i was there on a night which is fifth broke out it was somebody that was inintoxicated over one year. >> one of the two a year. >> okay. >> commissioner vice president
7:18 am
joseph do you have anything else before i open up for public comment all right. >> thank you very much we may have more questions i don't think we do at this time let's open up to the police and now open up for public comment any public comment on sampling woo's permit application. >> please come up. >> chris curtis and form onsite residents ever russian hill and chinatown my wife and i we use to walk home frequently through the neighborhood and we stopped at the old establishment it was a wonderful experience pie wife is chinese-american and she loved the food it was a cultural experience for visitors tons and tons of tourists probably the
7:19 am
highlight for a lot of folks one of the experience they told people will burglary this and i would love to see them up and running can't wait to patron news them. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners let's take a motion >> on this. >> i move to approve. >> move to approve with the conditions my changes or conditions. >> i move to approve with the police - no, i take that back i move to - i move to approve with the police condition two
7:20 am
the applicant should install cameras at the entrance of their establishment and the footage to be maintained for thirty days with the modification of one the applicant shall hire security on friday and saturday nights. >> all right. >> friday and saturday night you mean. >> saturday morning. >> sunday. >> saturday and sunday morning. >> all right. is there a second to that motion. >> second. >> all right. any you future discussion let's take a vote. >> okay so on that guess month to approve the extended hours with the conditions of having security early saturday morning and sunday morning as well maintaining the security cameras commissioner frost
7:21 am
commissioner vice president joseph commissioner moshoyannis commissioner caminong commissioner president tan. >> the that item passes congratulations look forward to eating there one thing once again and let's move on to item of we're done with the permits item of a report from the reciprocal development committee i'm happy to give that update unless commissioner vice president joseph or commissioner caminong wanted to give that we met from 3 to 5 the second meeting the committee just actually before you get into it as a point of sorts of procedure we asking this commission to approve the recommendations that we approved during that meeting or is it what are we doing here. >> we're going to agendize this to you could make a motion i'll
7:22 am
request that clarity with the city attorney if, in fact, that is required it maybe easy enough to put it on the committee that day and if not moved but i don't think tonight we can do that without being agenda kissed. >> procedural we've heard from two project on harrison and which directly is across the street from the eagle they provided the deliberate process with the neighbors to think about how do we design no time the building but planning a streetscape plaza plan that will activate that particular corner our recommendations was really
7:23 am
to being sure that there was adequate conversation with the cc&r and commissioner caminong you can chime but set a high bar for what we should expect from the developments like these and their sound expert offered to sort apply education to us and teach us a little bit about things their experts insisted we know what we're doing this is all new i don't know if you guys want to say more about the project in particular. >> just only that they went out of their way to work with the po a and went out of their away way to see what the concerns were this is assisting them in their
7:24 am
design where to put things like that the bedrooms, the living rooms, the door based on requests if the eagle and this plaza you you know really nice and the thing i like about it most it their presentation was complete it had everything ♪ they brought their experts with them and made a sxhef effort to work with the place of entertainment for me really a big deal we've learned a lot from the presentation loan this is going to be a learning process for us so that's as far as i feel the eagle >> they also. >> for saturday. >> reporter right the second project we heard the 445 mini ma
7:25 am
a 9 stories residential project on mini in a around the corner around two corners from monarchy and temple they've made contact with the places of entertainment with no response so we counselor our staff to help to fascist that to have e-mail to e-mail time if not face to face time and could you remember to do a sound test their way earlier it on the process of development so we saw schematic designs but yet to go though the review between the planning department so they have an eager architect trying to get ahead of the game we felt xhofkt with the project especially not compared to the project across the place of
7:26 am
entertainment. >> also she really again she present the nature the materials that was important you know in our discussion we're using the sound. >> so i want to encourage the ottawa other commissioners to join that meeting it is educational and has if it goes like today, i wish they all won't actually but really parties that are interested in reality accounting good solutions what they're trying to build it is exciting and a bye product of this entire legislation they're trying to do the same time from 3 to 5 a bit of a challenge the next time for
7:27 am
2016 for one the cigarettes we've update people if that goes on there's no action to be taken any questions from the commission. >> just interested that group you said were complete do you know why. >> do we can why. >> yes. it sounds like those guys took the process serious. >> i think one of the developers has worked with the city before and has developed other plazas before and kind of had been through the process before and he please help me cooperation and transparency to set the bar i think so he knew to come and bring his experts and come with his vision and
7:28 am
come with a completed plan i object to share i have it in my backpack. >> the second thing as far as the other second group that comes in if we carton get the place of entertainment to do a sit-down you know we're still going to need to have the developers do their basic soundproofing and be aware that practices is under. >> from a process stand up i invited the operators to this meeting they choose not to show up that is unfortunate i offered to continue to try to connect the parties but again as i said earlier you can't lead a horse to water maybe part of this second project was the proximity a distance away too
7:29 am
much smaller places of entertainment the first is builds ink this is a nonprofit partner and the people that presented do i have been working with on the consultants in night time and they knew they were going into an area that is chock-full in not karate's from the 11 street it is behind them so they have done a lot of work and wanted to show off i wanted them to get it they're doing a lot of projects it is great to have it is a high bar i have no expectation and spends the money to bring experts because they have to pay everyone in the room. >> it is a go back if they did this on the first and hold them to this. >> this is a process such as a
7:30 am
inquiring that level of everybody that objective shows a certain amount of right. i appreciate that itch but as far as is place of entertainment operators that don't come and engage that's their choice i don't think we can make them or advocate on their on behalf of anywhere than we're doing so they have an opportunity i'll make another opening and then we'll go from there. >> you gave them plenty of notice they don't come and have their chance maybe they don't feel it will impact them as long as you give them alp notice. >> all right. any public comment on all that no we'll move on so the last two items
7:31 am
which are standing commissioner questions or comments commissioners comments or questions. >> just to happy jewish happy new year. >> go ahead. >> as far as those 3 loudspeaker permits i think this is arch those people came here to get it it will help us set the tone for the future but if you guys do me a favor get ahold of steve in central and may be one the commissioners working that night to one of our circumstances inspectors is working that night to get a firsthand knowledge on what worked and what didn't work that night. >> i mean, i won't ask them to take any action only an
7:32 am
education thing for us. >> all right. any other thing is there any public comment on those comments no there isn't item 8 is new business requests for future agendized anything. >> we need to either ask staff to do some investigation or set policies on the park let things because it is like i'm not sure i get it you know how to do that that seems like not going to be easygoing date of birth difficult because especially, when they talk about orphaned parklets that none wants to do you want. >> no, no those they get rid of. >> they put it in their prospective. >> so i need contradiction i guess i would suggest to the
7:33 am
commission you would let you know know the timeframe i'm working with planning department and dpw to come up with possible guidelines for you to consider the committees are touch or tough because it is another meeting and have to report back if i'm going to do the investigation and background let me do it and i'll bring it back i need the wanting to know when in my homework is due. >> i feel fine with it if you need two months. >> yeah. >> 3 months by the end of the year this is fine. >> yeah. i think we're going into if rain comes which i hope it does there is less park let stuff but the boards gets out we're issuing the action committee for women in prison if i had sounds permits so -
7:34 am
>> so end of the year one other quick announcement our november 3rd meeting is being pushed back just to people know to the 10 or is 17th and. >> the 10th. >> so the request came to for two reasons yes, it is election day in addition to room will be holding a hearing that may go very long and we may not have access to this room to ask whether the compilation might you need a motion i think to just push our meeting a week forward so you'll have two days in a row; right? >> sure. >> on one hand and that way we retain two meeting in november
7:35 am
we need that way we will not have issued with quorum or not being able to get into this room. >> is that room booked for the tenth is it available this room. >> yes. it is available. >> great just so we cover the bases can we take a motion to change that meeting date and time. >> so moved. >> right i second. >> all right. so the motion to move from the third to november 3rd to november to tell you the truth same time 5:00 p.m. >> i'm sorry 5:30 yes. i have. >> take a vote. >> loss of brain cells. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner vice president joseph commissioner caminong commissioner president tan. >> all right. great that is done with any others new business? any public comment


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